“When giving itself to the public, the graphic object triggers its imminent disappearance.(...) We could say death constitutes every graphic design object. Death as a disappearance from the fields of visibility and that of uses.”
—Vanina Pinter, Papillon(s)

Posters are meant to disappear. They are made to be set in a specific context: here, now. Indeed, they promote events that always have a beginning and finishing date. Therefore, what actually remains from a poster once the news it is sharing has passed? Its design perhaps. And even this is not certain. Everything that is material is eventually doomed to disappear. That is a fact. So, how can graphic designers relate to the destiny of their productions?

This stands for the poster as an object. Regarding the medium, what it shows is another issue of the same kind. Nowadays, with the fast development of communication, everybody can write and give their views and thoughts on the world around them.  The flow of information grows at an outstanding speed. Does this readiness damage the lasting quality of the information? Does it impact its relevance? In the ocean of content spread by the new media what is actually worth preserving?

The project is a poster installation that argues the value of information and questions the practice of Graphic Design. Is Graphic Design doomed to become as instant as the news has apparently become?  

(N)EVER AFTER celebrates the future of the poster as an ephemeral design object but also discusses what is valuable information.