An Indefinite Terrain - SID YOUNG - Trixie, Den Haag 19th - 21st April

Out of Context - SID YOUNG - Black Holes Residency, Riga 27th March - 10th April

Train - Solo show, 16 Nicholson street, Glasgow 17th January - 3rd February 2019

The Most Expensive Cupboard in Glasgow - Curatorial position, The Old School, Glasgow October 2018

Hollst - Textil & SID YOUNG - Textil, Yaroslavl, Russia August 2018

The Emperor is Naked - Holevice sachta, Prague, Czech Republic June 2018

How to ___ Better - Curated by Katie O'Neill and Erin Walter, Flat 1/3, 35 Walton Street, Glasgow April 27th-30th 2018

Cat Flap - SID YOUNG, The Old School, Glasgow April 27th 2018

BYOB - showing 'The Unwitting Observer', The Lighthouse, Glasgow January 2018

Selected Works from the Dolores Mayer collection - SID YOUNG and Billytown exchange, The Old School, Glasgow (part two) January 2018

De Rode Kamer van de Verwachting - Play in collaboration with Alice Godfrey and Kaatje Kooij, Korzo Theatre, Den Haag, November 2017

Howling Dog - SID YOUNG collective show, Billytown, Den Haag, September 16th - October 28th 2017

Karosta Water Tower Project - Tzar-era water tower, Karosta, Liepāja, July 6th - August 30th 2017

Glasgow Zine Festival - Fragmenting Human, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, April 28th - May 1st 2017

Glasgow Open House festival - SID YOUNG collective show, Dennistoun tenement flat, Edinburgh, April 28th - May 1st 2017

The Unwitting Observer - Film screening, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, March - April 2017

6 Days Sober - Solo show - Galerie Vonkel, Den Haag, December 9th 2016 - January 21st 2017

Who am I what's my name? - SID YOUNG collective show, Glasgow Crownpoint Studios, November 2016

KOMASK Masters Salon - Brussels, November 2016

SPROUTS group exhibition - SBK Amsterdam, October-November 2016

KOMASK Masters Salon - Antwerp, October 2016

A Pursuit of the Ungraspable group exhibition - Electron, Breda - September 2016

JUST EXCELLENT group exhibition - KABK Den Haag, June 2016

I didn't ask for it collaborative exhibition with Katerina Sidorova - 4Bid Gallery, Amsterdam March 2016

As Close to Black as Blue can be group exhibition, Megastores Den Haag, January 2016

Dribble Drive Motion collaborative exhibition with Gabriela Tethalova. MASC Foundation, Vienna May 2015

Bloody Mary group exhibition. Maagdenhuis. Amsterdam, April 2015

Awards Piket Kunst Prijzen 2016 for contemporary Painting.

Catalogues Bring your change,Graduation Festival 2016, Masters Salon 2016, Piket kunst prijs catalogue.

Reviews & interviews Marbella Marbella, Piket Kunst Prijzen (Dec 19 2016), Den Haag Direct, if then is now, Canvas and Crumpets, Piket Kunst Prijzen (May 2 2017), Jegens&Tevens

Public mentions Vonkel, KABK, KABK, Electron, As close to black as blue can be,, TV Kurzeme, ARTERRITORY

Commissions and extras
Co-founder of SID YOUNG an artist's initiative with Katerina Sidorova.
Mural commission in Stijger Eiland Amsterdam - November 2016.
Wallpaper design for Lisa Schnuerch -October 2016.
Michael Clerx PHD book cover design - September 2016.
Collaborative work with Katerina Sidorova in KABK, January 2015.
Wrote 'WeberWoche' Exhibition brochure for Stroom Den Haag - September 2014.
Exhibited paintings in 'Walden Affairs' Den Haag alongside music event. May 2014.
Performance 'Fitness for Artists' with Canadian artist Helga Wretman at Stroom Den Haag - September 2014.
Poetry recital at 'In Your Living Room' event in Den Haag. April 2014.
Performed for Adrian Bridget in films: Sonosolo(2013) & a series of Super8 films (2014).