Howling Dog
September 16th - October 28th 2017
SID YOUNG Collective show, Billytown
Den Haag

SID YOUNG presents : 'Howling Dog' The Kitchen #12 Howling dog Group exhibition - SID YOUNG, Harriet Morley and Alex Burch, Billytown

The first part of the SID YOUNG/Billytown exchange.
SID YOUNG have invited two Glasgow-based artists Harriet Morley and Alex Burch to investigate the fictional narrative of a howling dog. In reference to Ginsberg's famous poem 'Howl' each will display their version of the events -illustrating the unique visualisation and execution of each artist, as well as exploring the realm of possibilities within storytelling.
'Stockholm Syndrome' is a sound piece and installation combined. The dog (from Santiago de Campostella) sings a blues song based on the narrative of his desperate reliance and devotion to his master.

Photographer: Jhoeko