Karosta Water Tower Project
July 6th - August 30th 2017
Tzar-era water tower, Karosta

'Karosta Water Tower Project' is a process-based residency based in a Tzar-era water tower in Karosta, Liepāja. 11 international artists congregated in Latvia in order to create over the period of two months. The project's aim, led by Edd Schouten (NL) was to experience working in a space for an extensive period of time, collaboratively.
A collaboration with the tower itself was integral to gain sensitivity and understand what we, as artists, could bring to this already majestic space. The 'Cicerone' zine was examplatory of our process during the stay, as well as visually highlighting some of our findings in this historically rich environment. Many thanks to all involved in making the project reality, specifically Total Dobze, Liepāja Ūdens and Edd Schouten.


Photographer: Craig Young