September 16th - October 28th 2017

SID YOUNG presents: Howling Dog

The Kitchen #12 Howling dog
Group exhibition - SID YOUNG, Harriet Morley and Alex Burch
Billytown, Den Haag (NL)

SID YOUNG have invited two Glasgow-based artists Harriet Morley and Alex Burch to investigate the fictional narrative of a howling dog. In reference to Ginsberg's famous poem 'Howl' each will display their version of the events - illustrating the unique visualisation and execution of each artist, as well as exploring the realm of possibilities within storytelling.

As alumni of KABK (2016), Sidorova and Young have already shown twice in Young's native Glasgow (UK), however 'Howling dog' will be their debut as the collective in the Hague (NL). SID YOUNG aim to undertake many more exchanges and build an international network of young emerging talent. This will be done by inviting and collaborating with diverse artists met along the way and nomadically exhibiting under the framework of one unfolding fictional story of the gallery dog named SID YOUNG.