Brice Abernethy, MISSING.
27.02.2017 - 28.02.2017
The Old Hairdressers in Renfield Lane,

Sid Young have gathered an international team - comprising of 4 visual artists and a poet - to complete an investigation into the disappearance of the fictional character 'Brice Abernethy'. Each artist will display their conclusion of how Abernethy became a 'missing person' in a sweep of unbridled creativity. Using the form of storytelling, the audience will be the witnesses of all five possible events - revealing as much about the artists themselves as Brice Abernethy's fate.

Artists involved:
Katerina Sidorova (RU)
Debbie Young (UK)
Doris Hardeman (NL)
Cathleen Owens (USA)
And poet Alexander Abraham (NZ)

Photographer: Craig Young